Once you create a report in the Report Builder, it's easy to repurpose it to use as a template or starting point for additional campaigns. This is perfect for creating a report that can be re-used for multiple sites.

This can be done by simply creating a duplicate of the original report, changing the default campaign, and re-saving the report. In this article we'll show you how to do it.

Duplicate a custom report

Navigate to Report Builder in the left navigation.

Check the box next to the report you would like to use for other campaigns, and click duplicate report on the top right.

Please note that Sample reports cannot be duplicated in this way, since they're automatically duplicated every time they're opened.

You will see a copy of the same report with the name ending (copy). Click on the copy of the report.

Changing the default campaign of the report

Click Settings in the top right of the custom report

In the report setting modal, choose a new default campaign you want to use for all modules in this report.

As soon as you click Save, all of the modules that are set to the default campaign will keep the same settings but change the campaign it's pulling data from.

If a module's data is not automatically updated in this way, make sure all the module's campaign setting is report default.

You can repeat this process to create multiple copies of the same report for as many campaigns as you'd like.

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