Scheduled custom reports will automatically generate snapshots from the master on your custom schedule (daily, weekly, or monthly). If you're no longer interested in generating new reports, you can archive it.

Archiving a scheduled report leaves existing snapshots in place, but stops new ones from automatically generating in the future. If you ever want to start generating new snapshots again, you can un-archive it again too.

This may be preferred to deleting a report in many cases, since deleting a report permanently and completely removes the master and all snapshots.

Comparison between Archiving and Deleting reports



Stops future snapshots from generating

Stops future snapshots from generating

Leaves existing snapshots in place

Permanently deletes snapshots

Can edit archived reports

Cannot edit deleted reports

Can be un-archived anytime

Cannot be undone

Only scheduled reports can be archived

Any report type can be deleted

How to archive a report

To get started, navigate to Report Builder in the left navigation.

Select the scheduled master report and click the archive reports button on the top right.

Select Archived Reports to see the archived reports with their snapshots.

Archived reports will stop generating snapshots in the future. All the snapshots generated before are kept, can be viewed but not edit. You can also easily un-archive anytime when you need the reports again.

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