Master reports are scheduled report templates that are created with a relative date range (e.g. "Last month") and an update frequency (e.g. "The first of every month", "every Monday", or "every day"). Master reports only exist in order to generate sharable snapshots, and are not directly sharable themselves.

Snapshots are sharable reports that are essentially children of the Master template. Each Snapshot has an absolute date range (e.g. 1/2/2021 - 28/2/2021). These reports can be shared via live HTML links or PDF.

Snapshots are automatically generated from the Master report on the selected update frequency with the date range set based on the relative range selected in the Master.

You can also manually create a snapshot from the master at any time, without having to wait for the next automatic update. You can set Snapshots to any custom range available.

How to manually generate a Snapshot report

In the Scheduled Reports tab of the Report Builder, click on the name of Master report to edit it.

Click Create snapshot in the menu in the top right of the page

The new Snapshot will be created, and the edit Snapshot interface will be loaded. You can make any further changes or customization to this Snapshot without affecting the Master report or any other Snapshots.

When you're finished with your edits, 3 options are available in the top right menu to view and share the snapshot.

  • View Report: View your report in a new browser window

  • Download PDF: Download the report into a PDF file

  • Get Report Link: Get the URL of the report

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