Custom reports can be shared via URLs at a generic and anonymous domain, You can share the report URLs with your clients, team members, managers, or anyone to view the report online.

Some extra info about sharing the reports online:

  • Report web links are by default publicly available, but are randomized using a 128-bit string and are not indexable by search engines.

  • Reports may optionally be password protected to add an extra layer of security.

  • Reports are made with responsive design, so they’ll look great on all device sizes — no more pinching and zooming.

  • Edits to the reports are updated immediately and re-saved to the same URL.

Get Report Link

To get your report URL, go to Report Builder, and select any snapshot or one-time report.

On the top right corner, select Get Report Link. The my-reports link will be shown in the text box below.

View Report

Alternatively, you can click View Report on the top right. It will open the report in a new window and you can copy the URL from there.

Or you can click the view report bottom next to each report on the report builder overview page. The report will be open in a new window.

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