To remove tags from one or more keywords, visit Keyword Settings under Campaign Settings in the left navigation.

Remove tags from a keyword (one at a time)

If you only need to remove tags from a small number of keywords you can do this one at a time by clicking on the Tags column on a each keyword.

A tooltip will listing all tags currently assigned to this keyword.

Click the X next to a tag to remove it.

The tag will disappear from the list. Then click the check button to save your changes.

The hotel tag is now removed from the keyword.

Remove tags from multiple keywords

The above process is perfect for a small number of keywords, but there is a better way to remove tags from many keywords at once.

Select all the keywords you would like to update by checking the box next to each keyword.

Click the Edit Tags button, which shows the number of keywords that are currently selected.

A tooltip will show a list of all tags available.

Since each keyword could have many Tags, it's possible the selected keywords have different values. The initial state of the checkboxes next to each tag provide clues of the current values of the selected keywords:

  • Checked: all selected keywords currently have this value

  • Partially selected: Some but not all of the keywords current have this value

  • Unchecked: None of the selected keywords currently have this value

Remove the tags by unchecking the boxes, then click Apply. In this example, I have unchecked hotels and non-brand.

After that, both tags are removed from the keywords I have selected.

Completely delete a tag from a campaign

Tags that have no keywords assigned to them will automatically be removed the next time the page has been refreshed.

To remove a tag completely from a campaign, simply remove this tag from all keywords.

The easiest way to do this is to click the checkbox at the left corner of the table to select all keywords.

Click Edit Tags and uncheck the box of the tag you want to delete, then click the Apply button.

The tags will be removed from all tracked keywords in the campaign. The tag will be removed from the list and all other places the next time the page is refreshed.

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