The Organic URLs report shows the pages receiving the most estimated organic traffic for any root domain. This report can help you quickly understand which pages are ranking the best for a site.

Accessing Organic URLs report

You can access the Organic URLs report by running a ranking research query for a root domain, and then clicking the URLs button in the top navigation.

Pie Chart

The pie chart at the top of the page shows the Traffic Index of each of each URL as a percent of the total Traffic Index for the site.


  • Ranking Keywords: The number of keywords this URL is ranking for

  • Traffic Index: The estimated amount of monthly organic traffic sent to this URL from Google in your selected country, based on keywords we track

  • Traffic Index as %: The percentage of traffic index of this URL as compared to all traffic for this root domain

Click on any URL in the table to see all other keywords this page ranks for.

Exporting Data

Click the Export to Excel button in the upper right of the report to download the data for this domain.

You can choose the number of rows (URLs) to include in this report. Each row exported will consume 1 research credit. You can export up to the maximum number of URLs available for this report, the amount of research credits remaining in your account, or the maximum number of rows available for your plan (whichever is less).

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