The Search Demand Trends report shows a historic trend of the search volume for tracked keywords in a campaign. Trends are available individually for each keyword, as a whole for all keywords, or grouped by tag.

This report helps marketers understand how search demand for their targeted keywords has changed over time.

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Getting Started

To view search volume trend for tracked keywords, navigate to Search Demand Trend under Content in the left navigation.

When a keyword is added to a campaign, Dragon Metrics will pull the maximum available history for each keyword. Then, each month thereafter, search volumes for the most recent month will be added to the trend.

This initial historic data differs by search engine:

  • Google: 12 months

  • Bing: 6 months

  • Baidu: 1 month

  • Naver: 1 month

So for example, 6 months after a keyword was added, 18 months will be displayed for Google, 12 months for Bing, and 7 for Baidu and Naver.

At the top of the page, the monthly search volumes are summed for all keywords as Total Search Volume, showing the aggregate demand for all tracked keywords.

The maximum available date range will be shown by default. Use the month selection to focus on you preferred date range.

Use the search engine selection to see monthly search volumes for a specific set.

The Tags filter will show trends for specific set of segment of keywords.

Comparing keyword sets

To compare different segments to each other, change the Compare value to Tags

With this selected, the chart will show monthly search volumes summed and grouped by Tag, revealing individual trends for each keyword segment.

By default, an trend chart is shown. To see a bar chart comparing monthly search volume of the most recent month in the selected range, click on the Summary button above the chart.

You can even see a summary comparison for the most recent month selected by setting the chart to Summary.


The table at the bottom of the page shows a detailed trend for each tracked keyword.

  • Keyword: Tracked keyword in the campaign

  • Search Volume Trend: Search volume of all available months for the keyword.

  • Search Volume (Month/Year): Search volume of keyword for the most recent month in the selected range.

  • Search Volume Change: Difference between the search volume in the first date and most recent date in the selected range.

  • Search Volume Average: Average search volume over entire selected date range.

Additional columns

Click the View options button in the upper right of the table to show or hide additional columns.

The following columns are also available, but hidden by default:

  • Translation

  • Tags

Exporting Data

Click the Export to Excel button in the upper right of the table to download the search volume data.

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