Link Gap Analysis shows you websites that are linking to your competitors but not to your site. This report is perfect for finding potential backlink opportunities since sites that link to competitors will often be relevant and likely to link to your site as well.

To find backlink opportunities for your tracked campaign site, navigate to Link Gap Analysis under Links in the left navigation.

To find backlink opportunities for your any site, head to Link Research under Research in the left navigation, and enter in any root domain, URL, or subdomain, then click Link Gap Analysis in the left navigation.

Getting started

To begin, you'll need to enter 1-5 competitor sites. (If you're not sure who your competitors are, you can uncover them quickly using the Competitor Discovery or Ranking Research.)

In Link Research, you'll also need to enter the site that you're checking against too.

For each site, you can choose whether you want to compare a root domain, subdomain or singe page.

By default, a domain needs to link to all of the sites you've input in order to appear in the report.

Depending on the size of the sites and their backlink profile, it's possible there may not be many domains that meet this criteria, especially if you've added more than 2-3 sites. You can relax your criteria by including domains that link to a portion of your selected sites instead of all of them.

It's also possible to filter your list to be even more strict. Instead of showing domains linking to competitors but not your site, you can show specific URLs. Please note that since this is a more rare phenomenon, this will usually be a much smaller list, though potentially even more valuable than linking domains.

When domain is selected, a list of domains that link to one or more of the target sites will be shown in the table. Under each target site's column, you can see the exact linking URL on this domain.

Additional columns are shown about each linking domain:

  • DA: Short for Domain Authority, this is a score out of a total possible 100 predicting how well this URL will perform in search engine rankings, based primarily on the strength of the domain's backlink profile. Links from pages with higher Domain Authority are more valuable than those with lower scores.

  • Spam Score: Score out of 100 representing the likelihood of a site being penalized by Google. A lower spam score (1-30%) means the site is unlikely to be penalized, while a high Spam Score means it's very likely to be penalized.

When pages is selected, a list of URLs that link to one or more of the target sites will be shown in the table.

If a link to each target exists, a blue check will be shown in the target's column. If no link exists to this target, a red X will be shown.

Click the Export to Excel button on the top right of the table to download all data on the page.

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