If Dragon Metrics is unable to provide related keyword ideas for your submitted query, you may see a message "No keyword ideas were found for this keyword".

This is usually due to one of three potential causes:

  • The keyword phrase is too long or specific

  • There are not very enough people searching for this query on the selected search engine, country and language

  • Search engines are withholding related terms for this keyword

Keyword phrase too long

If the submitted query is too long, it may be too specific to generate related terms from our recommendation engine. Try using a shorter or less-specific phrase instead.

Not enough people searching for this query

If very few people are searching for this query, it may not be popular enough to find similar or related keywords.

Sometimes this can be very different than what you may expect. It's not unusual to find that very few people may search for query that you may think would be very popular. Luckily, that's exactly what the keyword research tool is here for — to help you find keywords people are actually searching for.

You may want to try a similar keyword related to this topic instead.

Some tips:

  • If there are other keyword ideas on the page, try looking at some of these instead to see how people are searching around this topic

  • Try removing some words from your keyword phrase to make your query more general

  • Check the language and location. Is this the language or the words that people in this country would typically use?

  • Do some market research. Try to understand how people looking for this topic may actually search.

Search engines are withholding recommendations

Dragon Metrics uses various techniques to provide related keyword ideas. This may include relying on related terms provided by search engines.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for search engines to show 0 related terms for a keyword, even if it's very popular. So if we are using the keyword recommendations provided by search engines for this query, but 0 ideas are provided, Dragon Metrics will be unable to show any keyword ideas for this keyword.

There is often no rhyme or reason to which keywords search engines may withhold related ideas, but some commonly affected queries include:

  • Keywords with no "commercial intent" — Search volume and related terms are provided in the context of selling ads. Search engines will often hide keyword suggestions that they believe they cannot sell ads for.

  • Restricted or keywords on sensitive subjects — Search engines may withhold data on keywords that they do not allow ads to be run on. For example, Google may not provide data on keywords related to COVID-19, while Baidu does not provide data on medical, gambling, firearms, political, pornographic, or other types of sensitive subjects.

  • Trademarked terms — Some search engines (especially Baidu) may not provide data for brand names or trademarked terms.

  • Other — There are some keywords that we truly have no idea why search engines are not providing data for them. It can almost seem random sometimes. (For example, at the time of writing this, Google was not showing any data for the keyword "laptop deals" in the United States.)

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