This article refers to campaigns with keyword-level search engine tracking enabled where search engines are defined per keyword. For campaigns where search engines are defined per campaign (most campaigns), see this article instead.

To begin, visit Keyword Settings under Campaign Settings in the left navigation

There are three ways to update keyword details:

  • One keyword at a time in the table: Great for small, quick changes

  • Bulk update in the table: Good for updating many keywords at once

  • Bulk update by file: Best for big changes to multiple fields

One keyword at a time

To update the tracking search engines for one keyword at a time, just click the search engine column for this keyword in the table.

A popover showing all search engines currently tracking in this campaign will be shown. Check or uncheck the box next to a search engine to add or remove it.

If you want to track a new search engine, click Add other search engines

Choose your desired search engines (click the + button to add multiple), then click Add search engines

Return to this keyword, and you can see this new search engine is now available.

Click the check button to save your changes

The search engines are now updated for this keyword

Bulk update in the table

If you need to make changes to many keywords at once, a bulk update will speed up the process considerably.

To make changes in bulk, select all the keywords you would like to update by checking the box next to each keyword.

Click the Edit Search Engines button at the top of the table.

Since each keyword could have multiple tracking search engines, it's possible the selected keywords have different values. The initial state of the checkboxes next to each search engine provide clues of the current values of the selected keywords:

  • Checked: all selected keywords currently have this value

  • Partially selected: Some but not all of the keywords current have this value

  • Unchecked: None of the selected keywords currently have this value

Make your changes by checking or unchecking the boxes, then click Apply.

  • Check the box to add the search engine to all selected keywords

  • Uncheck the box to remove the search engine from all selected keywords

  • Leave it as partially selected to keep this search engine unchanged for all selected keywords

If you would like to add a new search engine that is not currently tracking for this campaign, click Add other search engines

Choose your desired search engines (click the + button to add multiple), then click Add search engines

Return to the edit search engines button, and you can see this new search engine is now available. Select it and click Apply

The search engines have been updated for these keywords

Bulk updates with filter

Often times it will be advantageous to use the keyword filter along with the bulk updates.

The process is the same as above, but first we will apply a filter:

Then select all of the search results

Then click Edit Search Engines just like before, make your changes, and click Apply

Search engines for all keywords that matched your filter criteria have now been updated.

Update by file

To update by file, click the Bulk update button in the top right of the table.

This will bring up a modal where you can download the current keyword list as an Excel file.

Open the file and make your updates. When editing the search engine field, you will need to include a list of each desired search engine ID.

The format for the search engine ID is:


For example for Google search engine in the United States in English language on desktop devices and the location of Los Angeles, you'd enter it as:

google|us|en|desktop|Los Angeles\, California\, United States

Please note that commas in locations must be escaped with a leading forward slash.

Multiple search engines should be separated by a comma. For example:

google|us|en|desktop, google|us|en|mobile|Los Angeles\, California\, United States

Search engine and location IDs

  • The full list of supported search engines and their IDs can be downloaded here.

  • The list of supported locations can be downloaded here.

Click Upload updated keywords and select the newly-saved file.

A list of the proposed changes will be shown. Click Confirm update to make the update or Discard changes to leave the keywords as they were before the upload.

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