By default, all keywords in a campaign will be tracking on the same set of search engines. When creating a new campaign, you can choose one or many search engines you'd like to track.

There may be situations in which you may want to track a segment of keywords on one set of search engines and a different segment of keywords on a different set of search engines in a single campaign. This is possible by enabling the keyword-level search engine tracking setting.

An example setup

For example, a business may have a physical presence in both New York City and Los Angeles. Since there is only one website for both locations, it makes sense to track this site as a single campaign. But the keywords you'd like to track for the New York City location may be different than the ones you'd like to track for Los Angeles.

Here's a simplified example of the keywords they may track and the search engines for each:

  • NYC keyword 1 (Google US - English - Desktop - New York City)

  • NYC keyword 2 (Google US - English - Desktop - New York City)

  • NYC keyword 3 (Google US - English - Desktop - New York City)

  • LA keyword 1 (Google US - English - Desktop - Los Angeles)

  • LA keyword 2 (Google US - English - Desktop - Los Angeles)

  • LA keyword 3 (Google US - English - Desktop - Los Angeles)

To achieve this setup, keyword-level search engine tracking will need to be enabled.

How to enable

This setting must be chosen before any keywords have been added to the campaign. Once enabled for a campaign, it can never be reverted.

The typical place to enable this setting is on the Search Engine step in the initial campaign setup when creating a new campaign.

On this step, click Show advanced options and check the box next to Enable keyword-level search engine tracking.

Once this has been selected, you'll notice options for choosing search engines have been removed on this step. Click Next to continue.

On the Add keywords step, you can choose the search engines for each group of keywords you enter.

You can see in the table that these keywords have been added with the chosen set of search engines.

You may continue to add new keywords, each with the same or different sets of search engines.

Each set of keywords is now tracking in separate sets of search engines.

You can further modify the tracking search engines for a single keyword by clicking on the field and selecting new search engines:

Or you can update many keywords in bulk by checking the box next to each keyword and using the Edit search engines button.

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