General Campaign Settings provides high-level configuration options for a campaign.

General Campaign Settings can be found under Campaign Settings in the left navigation.

Some things that you can do on this page:

Update campaign status

Change the name of the campaign

To change the name of the campaign, type the new name into the text box.

Change the campaign website

In general, we do not recommend changing a campaign's website once it has been created. Instead, it's best to create a new campaign and pause or delete the existing. There may be some circumstances where it may be a good idea to change the website. Learn more about changing a campaign website

Change the campaign currency

There are a few places in campaigns where currency is shown, such as ROI Forecasting or Analytics reports. You can update the currency shown on these reports here. Please note, this is simply a display preference and will not convert nor affect data.

Advanced Options

The remainder of the options are hidden by default. Click Show advanced options to reveal them.

Keyword Limits

Keyword limits are a way to put an artificial cap on the number of keyword credits a campaign can use, to ensure enough are left over for other campaigns. Learn more about keyword limits

Keyword-level search engine tracking

By default, all keywords in a campaign will be tracking on the same set of search engines. If you wish to define the tracking search engines per keyword, you can enable keyword-level search engine tracking.

Please note that once it has been enabled for a campaign, it cannot be disabled.

Learn more about keyword-level search engine tracking

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