There may be times when the Site Auditor reports that content or a specific element is missing from a page, but when you visit the site in a web browser it appears to be there. For example, Dragon Metrics may show "Title missing" for a URL, but when you visit this page in a browser it appears to have a title.

When this happens, there may or may not be an issue with the URL in question. Let's examine some typical causes of this issue:

Content rendered with Javascript

Some sites create or update content on the page (such as titles, meta description, or other elements) with Javascript after the page loads. By default, Dragonbot does not execute Javascript, so our crawler will not see this content the same way it is shown in a browser.

If this is the case for your site, we recommend ignoring these issues temporarily, then enabling Javascript crawling in Dragon Metrics. After enabling Javascript crawling, these issues should go away.

Ensure the URL matches exactly

Very often there may be subtle differences in the URL that Dragon Metrics is reporting on and the one you view in a browser. It may be possible that the URL reported on contains a meta refresh, Javascript refresh, or another type of refresh that changes the URL so quickly that humans may not notice when looking at it in a web browser. If the destination URL is similar to the original URL, it may not be obvious that you were redirected.

For example, Dragon Metrics may report that the following URL is missing a page title:

When clicking on this link in a web browser, this URL implements a Javascript redirect to the following page:

This URL does indeed have a <title> tag, but since the redirect happened instantly, and the only difference between the two is the trailing slash at the end of the URL, it may not be obvious why the first URL was flagged as missing a title.

In this type of situation, you will not want to ignore this error. We would recommend removing the Javascript redirect and replacing with a server-side 301 redirect instead. With this in place, the issue reported in the Site Auditor will disappear.

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