The Organic Keyword Ranking Reports will give you the top 30 organic ranking URLs for this keyword with each ranking URLs' domain strength.

On the top of the page you will see some high level metrics for this keyword:

Search Volume - The number of exact match monthly searches for this keyword. Learn more about Search Volume

Organic Keyword Difficulty - Dragon Metrics' measure of how difficult it would be to rank for page one or this keyword, based on the strength of the currently ranking domains on page one. Learn more about Keyword Difficulty

Organic CTR- Dragon Metrics' score (out of 100%) of how worthwhile it will be to target this keyword for SEO. Keywords with a high number of ads or other non-organic results on the first page will have a lower score than keywords with no ads or non-organic results. 

Paid Competition - The level of competition for PPC ads

Results - The number of search results found for this keyword. Can indicate the popularity or competition for this keyword

Below that you can see a table showing you the top 30 ranking URLs, with various data, clicking on each URL here will start a new domain research:

Data points available in the table:

Position - Ranking position for this URL

Display Title - The title and URL of the ranking site

Display Description - The text description under the link for this result shown on the search results page. Usually, but not always the meta description tag of the page

Domain Dragon Rank - The rank of all sites in Dragon Metrics' database by Traffic Index. Learn more about Dragon Rank

Domain Organic Visibility Score - The domain organic visibility based on the all the organic keyword rankings for this domain within our database

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