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When using the search_engines parameter, you will need the country code and language code to construct the value for the specific search engine you're looking for.

The format for the search_engines field is


For example for Google search engine in the United States in English language on desktop devices and the location of Los Angeles, you'd enter it as:

google|us|en|desktop|Los Angeles, California, United States

Note: When sending the search_engine parameter with a location in a GET request, commas will need to be escaped with a "\". Escaping commas is not necessary for POST or PUT requests, since the field is in the HTTP request body, not the URL.

For example:

google|us|en|desktop|Los Angeles\, California\, United States

The location parameter is optional. If you wish to use a search engine at the national level, simply omit this parameter.


Search Engine Lookup Table

The full list of supported search engines and their ids can be downloaded here (CSV format).

List of Locations

Download the full list of supported locations here.

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