To delete keywords from a campaign, visit Keyword Settings under Campaign Settings in the left navigation.

There are 3 methods to delete keywords:

  • Individually in the table: Simply click on the delete icon next to each keyword, one-at-a-time

  • Bulk update in the table: Select multiple keywords to delete at once or filter and delete all matches

  • List input: Enter a list of keywords you'd like to delete to remove in bulk

Individually in the table

The simplest way to delete a keyword is to click the X icon next to it in the table.

Confirm that you'd like to delete the keyword by clicking OK

The keyword has now been deleted.

Bulk update in the table

If you need to delete many keywords at once, a bulk update will speed up the process considerably. To do so, select all the keywords you would like to update by checking the box next to each keyword.

Click the delete button in the top left of the table

Confirm that you'd like to delete the selected keywords by clicking OK

The keywords have now been deleted.

Bulk updates with filter

Often times it will be advantageous to use the keyword filter along with the bulk updates. For example, we can delete all keywords with the flights tag with search volume less than 3,000.

First, we will filter by the the desired criteria.

Then select all of the search results.

Then click the Delete button at the top of the table

Click OK to confirm the deletion

All keywords that met the filter criteria have now been deleted.

List input

If you already have a list of keywords you'd like to delete, there is a quick and easy way to remove all of these keywords.

Click the Bulk update button in the top right of the table.

This will bring up the Bulk update modal. Click the Delete keywords tab.

Enter the keywords you'd like to delete, one-per-line, and click Delete keywords

Click Yes, delete keywords to confirm

The keywords have now been deleted.

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