What Does "No Keywords in Body Text" Mean?

This means that none of the targeted keywords for this page were found in the main body text of the site.

Why It's Important

Search engines want to provide searchers with pages that are relevant to their query. Using the keyword in the page text is one of the most important signals to search engines that this URL is relevant for the keyword.

If these keywords do not appear on your page, it's unlikely that search engines will think that this page is relevant to the query, and this page will have difficulty ranking high for this keyword (even if the keywords are present in areas outside the body text like the page title, meta description, or image alt tags).

How to Fix

Edit or rewrite the content for each affected page to include moderate usage of the targeted keywords for the page. Keep in mind the following guidelines when writing body text on your page:

  • Use variations of your targeted keywords – instead of repeating the words "bike shop NYC", try using "bicycle store in New York", "Manhattan bikes for sale", or other similar variations.

  • Keyword usage in the document should be natural, not forced. Do not stuff keywords by repeating them more often than what sounds natural.

  • There is no such thing as “proper keyword density” or a magic number of how many times the keyword should be used on the page. Just write naturally using keywords when it makes sense and reads well.

  • Optimize for a maximum of 2-3 keywords per page. Optimizing for more than this is difficult without sounding unnatural. If there are additional keywords that you would like to be found for, consider creating additional content.

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