What is "Body Text Too Short"?

Less than 100 words were found in the body text of this page. This could be a signal that the page doesn’t offer enough content to be useful to visitors (often referred to as “thin content”) or it could mean text on the page is not machine-readable.

Content in images, video, flash, or other types of media cannot be read by crawlers, so if this is the only content on the page, it may appear completely blank to a search engine.

It’s also possible to see this issue if a large amount of the content is rendered by Javascript. By default, Dragonbot does not execute Javascript, so our crawler will not see this content the same way it is shown in a browser.

If this is the case for your site, we recommend ignoring this issues temporarily, then enabling Javascript crawling in Dragon Metrics. After enabling Javascript crawling, these issues should go away.

Please keep in mind that while Google can typically render most Javascript content, not every search engine can. For this reason, it’s typically best practice to have a fallback method to display content for non-Javascript visitors.

Why It's Important

Search engines want to provide searchers with a URL that answers their question or provides the information they're looking for. It’s usually difficult to provide this information if there is very little content on the page. Therefore, search engines are biased against pages that do not have a minimum amount of content, and it will be much more difficult to get these pages to rank higher on SERPs.

Sites with a large amount of thin content could be a signal of a low-quality site and could have an impact on your ranking and indexation.

How To Fix

Take a look at the page. Is there enough content to adequately answer a visitor’s question or provide them enough information to be helpful? If not, you’ll need to write more content for this URL.

If there’s already content on the page, ensure that it’s machine-readable and not trapped inside images, video, or flash.

If the page was generated automatically by the content management system, but offers little value to site visitors, consider removing this page or blocking robots from crawling it.

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