Very often, one domain may have multiple URLs ranking for a single keyword. In Dragon Metrics, all ranking reports only count the top ranking URL for each keyword, but sometimes you might want to see what other URLs your site is ranking for. Follow the process below to learn how.

Showing the top ranking URL only

Showing all ranking URLs for a keyword

How to show all ranking URLs

1 - On the Site Ranking or Keyword Ranking page, click on the downward arrow to expand all the keyword filter:

2 - Choose "All ranking URLs" from the "Ranking URLs to include" dropdown and click Apply:

3 - Now you will be able to see all the URLs your website is ranking for a keyword.

Each line in the image above represents a different URL

Things to keep in mind

When viewing all ranking URLs, it's important to remember that search engines will frequently change the which URL ranks for a keyword. So in a given date range it is not unusual to see one URL start ranking and another drop from the top 50 ranking.

When you change this setting, it will also affect the top-level informational items as well. When showing the top ranking URL only, this data will represent keywords. When showing all ranking URLs, it will represent URLs, and therefore will usually be larger.

Displaying Top URL for each keyword (numbers represent keywords)

Displaying all URLs (numbers represent URLs)

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