What Does "Too Many Links on Page" Mean?

Any page that contains more than 100 links will be listed as having "Too Many Links on Page".

Why It's Important

There are sometimes legitimate reasons for having over 100 links on a page. If it makes sense for the site and can provide a positive user experience, you may decided to leave the page as it is. However, there are some reasons why you may want to reduce the number of links on the page.

  • When there are a large number of links on the page, search engines may not follow or index all of them. Pages that you expected would be indexed could be ignored by search engines, which could greatly affect the overall indexation of your site.
  • Internal linking is crucial to the SEO success of your site. Each link from one page to another passes value (sometimes referred to as "link juice"), so by linking from a high SEO value page to a lower SEO value page, you're increasing the value of this lower page. However, the more links there are on the page, the thinner this value is spread. If there are only a few links on the page, the link juice can be passed on in a more concentrated way. If there are too many links on the page, this link juice is watered down. If there are over 100 links on the page, the link juice passed reduces to a point where it's almost of negligible value.
  • Search engines also discourage too many links on a page due to a poor user experience. With over 100 links on a page, users may feel overwhelmed and have difficulty navigating the site. Therefore, it's possible some search engines could value these pages less. Some search engines may even view too many links on a page as an indicator of webspam.

How To Fix

Simply put, try to remove any unnecessary outbound links on the page. Look for links in the navigation or in the footer that could be removed. There could also be links on the page hidden by CSS or JavaScript. If the majority of the links are in the body text, you could also consider splitting the content into several pages (use the rel="next" and rel="prev" tags to connect them together).

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