You can access keyword research for Baidu in Dragon Metrics' research home. Inside the page, select the Keywords tab and choose Baidu as the search engine to do research for.

You can also select a specific region in China to perform the research for more specific search volume and trend. 

Then you can enter a keyword and click “go” for the research. The result page will look like the following with 3 major areas : 

There are 5 metrics on the top, which are Monthly Search Volume, Organic Keyword Difficulty (how hard it is to rank on SERPs), Organic CTR (the ratio of real organic results versus Baidu properties result), Paid Competition and Results. The bottom left will show a list of related keywords that is relevant to the keywords you have entered, and the bottom right will show the top 10 ranking websites that is currently ranking on Baidu.

The tabs under the search volume metrics can provide more data on related keywords and organic ranking.

Compared to 10 related shown in the overview tab, going into the related keyword tabs will return all the data that is available in Baidu.

(There are 1,000 related keyword found for the keyword “游戏”.)

Similarly, organic ranking tab will provide the top 30 websites instead of 10 that is showing in overview.

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