One of the many issues that the Site Auditor checks for is duplicate page content. If a group of URLs are included in the Duplicate Page Content report, this means that the content found on each URL is either exactly the same or very close to the same.

Occasionally, there may be a set of URLs included in this report that look very different when you open them in a web browser. There are a few likely reasons why this may be:

Potential reason 1: Content is rendered with Javascript

It's possible that some or all of the content on the page is rendered using Javascript. When this happens, often times the content may look exactly the same before the rendering is complete.

By default, Dragonbot does not execute Javascript, so the pages will look identical to our crawler, which is why they are flagged as duplicate content.

If this is the case for your site, we recommend ignoring these issues temporarily, then enabling Javascript crawling in Dragon Metrics. After enabling Javascript crawling, these issues should go away.

Potential reason 2: The URLs may be different

Search engines may have a different interpretation of what duplicate content is than you do. Search engines expect every URL to contain unique content.

For example, while you may think of these as all the same page, they are all unique pages to a search engine:

Therefore, if they all have the same content and are not using rel=canonical correctly, to a search engine and Dragon Metrics' Site Auditor, they are duplicate content.

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