Issues and recommendations reported by the Site Auditor are suggestions. While in most cases, these issues provide helpful tips on how to improve organic performance, there is no guarantee that fixing them will improve your site's rankings or that there is anything wrong with the site.

We recommend using the Site Auditor recommendations as a starting point for analysis, and should always be reviewed by a human SEO professional before implemented.

With this in mind, we recommend paying special attention to the "Priority" each issue is labeled. Very often issues labeled "Low priority" can be ignored without much consequences, but "High priority" or "Medium priority" issues should be looked at carefully before deciding to take action or ignore.

We recommend that the "Priority" label alone should not determine your response. Since there are a large number of external factors that software cannot account for, there will be cases where an SEO professional may decide that a high priority issue is not worth fixing, but a low priority issue may take precedent.

The decision on how to prioritize issues should also take into consideration available resources, the importance of the URLs affected, and potential impact of these changes.

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