There are 3 common reasons for missing ranking keyword data in Campaign mode:

Not assigned to an Keyword Group

Campaign mode will only provide ranking data for keywords you've added to tracking, without adding your list of keywords into Dragon Metrics and assigning them to a Keyword Group, you will not see any ranking data in the Campaign mode. However in our Research mode we will provide ranking keywords for 1.5 million domains instantaneously.

No ranking

In the Keyword Performance page you can see all the individual keyword ranking performance, and if you see a "-" in the ranking column it means that your website is not ranking in the top 50 search results (or Top 100 for some account types) for this keyword. As shown below:

Not yet checked

Ranking data in campaign mode is updated either weekly or daily, and if you've set a date range where the data isn't updated yet, you will get a tick icon in the Rank column of the Keyword Ranking page, if you hover over the icon you can see the "Not yet checked" wording and you will have to wait until the data is ready:

If you have added the keywords very recently, it may also take up to 24 hours before the data is ready 

Read this FAQ to learn how often our Data are being updated.

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