Below is a table of update frequency of Dragon Metrics' data:

Research Mode

Once per Month for domain research

Campaign Mode

Ranking - Daily or Weekly depends on your account type*, with the exception of Google Search Console ranking, where data is instantly retrieved from Google Search Console.

Site Crawl- 2 times per Month

Link Data - Once per Month


  • Weekly for Competitor Discovery / Competitor Discovery Trend
  • Daily or Weekly depends on account type for Site Ranking Comparison and Keyword Ranking Comparison*

Keyword Research

  • Google - Instantly every search
  • Bing - Instantly every search
  • Baidu - Instantly every search
  • Naver - Instantly every search

Analytics - Instantly retrieved from Google Analytics

*Ranking data in all our paid subscription packages are updated weekly by default, if you want daily tracking please don't hesitate to contact us at

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