Each data source in Dragon Metrics has its own update frequency:

  • Ranking data (campaigns): Every day or every 7 days (depending on your plan)*

  • Ranking data (research): Every month

  • Keyword research: Pulled in real-time every search

  • Competitor Discovery: Every week

  • Site crawls (Site Auditor, Site Explorer): Every 15 days by default. You can also start a recrawl at any time. Custom schedules are available by contacting Dragon Metrics support.

  • Google Search Console Ranking: Pulled in real-time from Google. Updated daily by Google, typically with a 2-day lag).

  • Google Analytics: Pulled in real-time from Google

  • Links: Every 1-3 days. (New updates to the database are made during this time, but not all links are recrawled in each update.)

  • Tracked links: Every 14 days

* Plans are available for either daily or weekly rank tracking updates. Contact Dragon Metrics support to upgrade to daily updates.

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