In the Custom Alert page you can start creating Custom Alerts, click on the + icon button and you will see an alert details page where you can configure this new alert:

Alert Name - You can give a descriptive name to the alert here

Status - You will receive Email notification from Activated Custom Alerts and they can be paused by choosing "Paused" here.

Alert Type - There are 2 types are alert: Rankings and Links, Rankings alert will notify you if ranking changes is your campaign, whereas Links alerts will notify when a backlink is found / lost or the linked to page is found / not found

Recipients - You can enter Email addresses here to notify multiple person when the alert is triggered, the user who created the alert will always receive notification from this alert

Match - You can add multiple rules to the alert and by choosing Match type here to set whether the alert will be triggered if any or all the conditions are met:

All Rules - alert triggered if all the defined conditions rules met
Any Rules - alert triggered if any of the defined rules are met

Further down the page you can setup rules for this alert, the rules available here will be different depends on which Alert type you choose (Either Rankings or Links):

Clicking on the "Add new rule" link or + icon button to start adding rules.

If you are choosing Ranking as alert type, you will get this popup:

Type - There are 6 types of ranking alerts and you can choose the one you want here:

  • Position change
  • Position change by its percent
  • Above / Below certain position

Change - Depending on the type of ranking alert you've chosen, you will have to enter different value like number of position change, percentage of position change or above / below a certain position

Minimum number of keywords to meet criteria - You can setup the minimum number of keywords will have to meet the above criteria in order for the alert to be triggered

In set - You can choose to limit this alert to monitor all keywords or a specific group of keyword here

If you are choosing Links as the alert type, you will see the popup below:

Type - There are 4 types of link alert you can choose:

  • Links found - New link discovered
  • Links not found - An existing link is not on the linking page anymore
  • Pages found - The linking page is working and linking to your domain properly
  • Pages not found -The linking page isn't working and linking to your domain properly (4xx, 5xx errors)

Minimum number of pages not found - Depends on the type of alert you've chosen above, you will need to define a number of links / pages changes in order for the rule's criteria to be met

The rules you've setup will be shown in the alert details page like below:

To remove a rule, simply click on the "x" icon on the left side of each rule.

Below is an example alert to monitor for link anomalies, after confirming the alert details, you can click on Save:

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