All saved Custom Reports will be available at a generic and anonymous domain, You can add your own logo and branding to your report, and hide Dragon Metrics’. Your clients will think your organization owns its own online reporting suite!

Report web links are by default publicly available, but are randomized using a 128-bit string and are not indexable by search engines. This means that anyone who has the link will be able to access your report, but the chances of someone accidentally finding your report are 1 in 3.4 × 1038. Reports may optionally be password protected to add an extra layer of security.

Since there are no PDF files to worry about, you’ll always have all your old reports online and accessible. Reports are even made with responsive design, so they’ll look great on all device sizes — no more pinching and zooming.

Ever send a PDF report to a client and then realize you need to make one more final edit? Since you’re only sending them a link, reports can always be edited and re-saved to the same URL to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

To get your report URL, you can go to Custom Reports main page, click on the View Report button for each report snapshots or one-time reports or go to Report Builder pages (Where you can make changes to your custom reports) of each Custom Report snapshot or one-time report click on the Get Report Link button located at the top right of the section.

View Report in Custom Reports main page:

Get Report Link in Report Builder page:

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