Dragon Metrics right out of the box will provide comprehensive crawls to your sites. But there might be times you'll want to achieve something more specific, like:

  1. Only to include / exclude certain areas of your site from crawling
  2. Crawl with different speed (Some servers are more sensitive than the others where crawling to fast might cause Dragonbot to be blocked)
  3. Crawl sites that are not interlinking to each others
  4. Crawl a predefined list of URLs (Like a XML Sitemap)

And our Crawl Options will allow you to do exactly the above.

Crawl Options in Dragon Metrics allows you to tailor what pages we should crawl on your site and how they should be crawled. Here are the full list of available crawl options in Dragon Metrics:

Crawl Options is set at campaign level, and they can be found in these 3 places:

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