There are 2 crawl modes in Dragon Metrics - Spider mode and List mode.

Spider Mode

In Spider mode you just need to provide seed URL (one or multiples) and our crawler will use those as beginning points and keep crawling all the links found on any subsequent pages, until no more new pages are found / Crawl Limit is reached.

Spider Mode can be helpful if you are trying to perform a generic analysis of a site's onsite SEO performance, where you want to check the overall site architecture and crawl-ability of the site.

List Mode

In List mode you will be uploading a list of URLs you'd like us to crawl, either by copy and pasting or uploading via an Excel file. Unlike Spider mode, List mode will not crawl URLs that are not in your list.

List mode can be helpful if you already have a specific set of URLs you will need to get data for, which can help you save more crawl credits (As we won't be crawling pages you aren't interested in) and get crawl data faster.

Crawl mode is set at campaign level and it can be found in the following pages:

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