The Paid Keywords report provide data for your website's paid traffic grouped by keywords and search engines.

Please note that keywords in this report are those that you are bidding for Ads for the associated search engine, not keywords that you are ranking for organically.

Number of Sessions, Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Conversions and Ecommerce metrics (If available) for each keyword and search engine will be provided in this report.

Inside the report, you will also be able to utilize various filters to help you analyze performance of your website, as described below:

View data overtime

Unlimited date range can be selected as long as data are available in your integrated Analytics view.

Clicking on the calendar icon of the date range selector will allow you to choose a commonly used date range presets (e.g. past 30 days).

Directly compare data in two different date ranges

Compare performance from one time range to another is as simple as checking the Compare to checkbox and select your comparison date range from the date range picker below.

Clicking on the Calendar icon next to it and you will be able to easily select previous period or year as your comparison date range.

Pick any Segment you'd like to analyze

You can filter traffic by any Segments you've in your integrated Google Analytics property, just click on the Segment menu and you will find all your Segments there:

Filter by any goals combination you'd like for conversion data

All the goals (Both active and disabled) you've setup for the integrated Google Analytics view will be available under the Goals selector, where you any combination up to 9 goals at a time.

The Goals selector is hidden by default, to get it to show up click the arrow button next to the Apply button.

Filter data by Desktop, Mobile or Tablet traffic

With the Device filter you will be able to pick any combination of device category in your report. This filter is hidden by default, to get it to show up, click on the arrow button next to the Apply button.

Get Ecommerce metrics for the report

Ecommerce metrics like Revenue, Transactions, Quantity and Ecommerce Conversion Rate are available but hidden by default. Click on the View Options icon button on the top right of the report table to turn them on.

Please note that Ecommerce metrics will only be available if your integrated Google Analytics Properties have implemented Ecommerce tracking.

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