To add search volumes for your keywords manually, you must disable the automatic search volume updates function for the campaign. This option can be found under the General tab of Campaign Settings page in the left navigation. Choose No under the Automatically update search volumes menu and click Save.

Note: If Automatically update search volumes is disabled, Dragon Metrics will not automatically update keyword search volumes for this campaign. Result in following:

  • Search volume fields will be blank for all new keywords added to the campaign
  • Existing keywords will no longer receive updated search volume every 3 months

After disabling the automatic search volume update function, go to Keyword Management and export your current keywords:

The exported Excel file will include all keywords with the search volumes for each tracking search engine. Edit each keywords respective search volume data on the spreadsheet and remember to save the file:

Import the updated spreadsheet back to the campaign. Start by clicking on the Add Keywords button on the Keyword Management page (Same page as you export your keywords):

Choose Import from File, choose the updated Excel file and click Upload:

Upon successful Excel upload, all keywords in the Excel file will be visible on the table with their respective fields like Search Volumes, Translations and Tags.

Confirm all the information shown in the table and click Save, and we'll overwrite the search volume data that's currently there for each keyword in each search engine with the uploaded Excel file's data.

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