Alternate Seed URL is another URL (in addition to the Website URL) we will start crawls from.

Why we need this feature

Under normal circumstances, this field will not be needed. However under these rare cases you might need to do so:

Case 1: No page or redirect exists at website URL

This is a real scenario from a user. The user would like to track rankings for all subdomains for To do this, the user sets the website URL to However, returns a 404 error. It does not redirect to, like we may expect. So when Dragonbot goes to visit this first URL to crawl the site, we stop immediately after the first 404 page. However, the user still wants the site crawled. In this case, they'd enter website URL as so we can get ranking for all subdomains, then set the Alternate Seed URL to so we can crawl the site without issue.

Case 2: Deep Crawls

The website URL is It is a very large site. Dragonbot will normally reach the crawl limit before reaching the "products" subdirectory, since it is less directly linked to from the home page. Therefore, this subdirectory never gets crawled. However, the user wants this directory crawled as well. The user could set the Alternate Seed URL to "", so now we will start our crawls from both the home page and the products subdirectory, so we can crawl a bit of this subdirectory before we run out of credits. It's true that the user may be able to accomplish this by using exclusions, but it could be more complicated. This provides another approach.

Case 3: Orphan Pages

The website URL is, which redirects to There is a subdomain of that the user would like crawled. However, no pages on the www subdomain link to any pages on the support subdomain. Therefore, Dragonbot will never follow links to go to the support subdomain. By adding an alternate seed URL of, we can be sure it is crawled as well.

How to setup Alternate Seed URLs

There are 2 ways to setup alternate seed URLs, from the Campaign setting screen or Quick Start Wizard when creating new campaigns.

Adding through Campaign Settings

Go to the Campaigns menu via the top bar menu and click on the campaign you'd like to add alternate seed URLs for:

Add alternate seed URL to the text area and click Save

Add through Quick Start Wizard

When creating a new campaign, choose Advanced setup in the first step:

Afterward you will see the Crawl Settings screen, you can click on the arrow button next to Advanced Options and enter the alternate seed URL from there and proceed with the creation.

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