Dragon Metrics allows user to integrate web analytics data into our platform, utilizing the analytics features within Dragon Metrics you can create better reports faster and obtain unique insights combining ranking data with web traffic data. You can learn more about setting up analytics integration here.

There are about 16 different analytics report available in Dragon Metrics, they can all be accessible under the Analytics section of the left navigation menu. We group our reports by traffic channel as follows:

All Traffic  - This category aggregates all traffic from different medium to your website

Organic Traffic - This category reports on your organic traffic from search engines, as Dragon Metrics is focused on SEO, most of our users will find reports under this category to be very useful

Paid Traffic - This include all the paid channels like PPC, Display or any campaigns tagged with paid as channel groupings in your analytics package

Social Traffic - This category reports on your web traffic from social media

Referrals Traffic  - This category includes traffic drove by inbound links from external websites (social media excluded)

All the analytics reports in the app interface can be added to our Custom Reports as well so you don't have to create report jumping around different software.

Although each analytics reports are created to represent a unique set of data, they are constructed in a similar format, all the analytics reports in Dragon Metrics have a format as below:

A - Filters - You can choose the date range to show data and the intervals of data update with filters here

B - Callouts - Callouts show you the highest level metrics for each reports in the Analytics section

C - Charts - These can be Trend Chart or Pie Chart, and used to visualize data over time or compare different data points effectively

D - Tables - Here you can see the report's data in a tabular view with date per row or page per row format, you can toggle different View Options and Export data to Excel with the buttons on the top right as well

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